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Hedgehog Aluminium recently completed this project in Oxford which saw the replacement of various timber framed fixed panes and a French patio door. Timber framed windows and doors have been popular for many years; however, they do require a regular maintenance in order to keep them in a good working order. Both softwood and hardwood frames need to be painted or stained (approx. yearly) with a protective finish to prevent the wood from developing rot and thus decreasing the thermal performance of the unit.

A wooden framed glazing system was replaced with an aluminium fixed windows and french doors

To retain the thermal performance and reduce the level of maintenance, the timber-framed unit was replaced with a new Schuco aluminium unit that was manufactured with the existing design layout. Fixed glass was installed to the top and sides of the unit with a French casement door in the centre to provide access out onto the patio.

Aluminium systems require a lot less maintenance than traditional timber frames due to the durability of the material. As with the wooden frames, aluminium can be finished in a large variety of colours - however, these aluminium frames are finished with a Polyester Powder Coat (PPC) rather than paints or stains which provides a longer lasting coating that doesn't require regular 'top-up' coats.

Aluminium fixed windows and french doors

Hedgehog Aluminium removed the existing timber frame unit, installed a steel support structure and replaced the unit with a Schuco French door and fixed glazing, all finished off with aluminium pressings. The clients chose to match the aluminium with their black painted exterior wooden cladding which gives the external face of the property a cohesive aesthetic.

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