Steel Look Systems

Our range of steel look glazing systems offer the elegant timeless design of traditional steel with increased durability, as well as a more efficient window and door system.

Roof Glazing

The Sieger range includes a selection of roof glazing solutions to complement our range of aluminium windows and doors.

Schuco Systems

Highly engineered aluminium window and door systems.

Front Doors

Our range of high security entrance doors are available in a range of styles to suit the project.

Associated Glazing

To complement our range of aluminium windows and doors we also offer a range of associated glazing products to complete your project.



Bi Fold Doors

With summer approaching you may want to start thinking about how to make the most of your external living areas whilst creating a cooler interior on warm days. With many options available to create an indoor-outdoor living space from a range of sliding and bi folding doors, you may require external shading solutions.

Bi folding doors are a great way to completely open up your space to create an indoor-outdoor living area with step-free access to provide ease of movement in and out of the space. For more information on our range of bi folding doors, click here . Below are a few solutions available to you to provide external shading for your bi fold doors.

Patio Roofing Systems

Umbris Patio Roof System

There is an array of choice for external shading your bi folding doors including patio roofing systems , solar control glass and external blinds. The Nomo Rialto awning roofs and Umbris and Opera Vision louvre roofs by IQ Outdoor Living are a great shading solution. The Nomo Rialto awning roof is able to fully retract to provide the sunlight required whilst being able to shade the space when fully extended. The roofing system is available with integrated vertical weather protection to protect your space from wind and sun including Raso vertical screens.

If you are looking for more control over the shading or light intake into your space then consider a louvre roofing system. IQ Outdoor Living can provide the Umbris or Opera Vision louvre patio roofs which allow you to control how much light or shade is necessary. When closed, both louvre roofs are fully watertight and do not let any sunlight pass through to help keep your internal and external spaces shaded and cool in the summer.

In the winter, these louvres can be opened to allow as much sunlight into the space as required. These patio roofs can be finished in any RAL colour, allowing you to match your bi folding doors to your external shading perfectly. To see these patio roofing solutions in person, contact IQ Outdoor Living , based at Sky House, on 01494 722 880 or email to book your personal showroom visit .

Auto-Lifting Facade

Auto Lifting Facade

Another option for shading whilst providing security to your home is the Carminati Knee Lifting Facade . When opened, these timber facades create an external canopy over the opening of the glazing and can be integrated into almost any facade design, including our bi folding doors. The design of these facades provides the required shading allowing the internal space to be completely open to the outdoors, perfect for use in the summer. These auto lifting facades can be made with a range of finishes to perfectly suit your chosen design, performance and appearance.

Glazing Options

Solar Control Glass

If you are looking to provide shading to your space through the glazing rather than an external patio roof for example, then you may want to consider solar control glass . This coating reduces solar gain into the property whilst maintaining light transmission to create a comfortable internal space. A range of solar coatings is available depending on each project, to perfectly suit your requirements from a range of external tints, solar control and different levels of light transmission. These coatings work perfectly with bi fold doors.

External Blinds

Alternatively, external blinds may be the best option for you. As well as providing shading to your internal spaces, they also provide privacy with a contemporary finish to any residential project. These weatherproof external blinds are placed within aluminium cassettes, which can be powder coated with almost any RAL colour to perfectly match or create a contrast with the finish of your aluminium bi fold doors. These external blinds are a cost-effective solution and are completely bespoke and robust.

For more information on the external shading options available for your bi folding doors please contact a member of the Hedgehog team on 01494 722 882 or email