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Our range of steel look glazing systems offer the elegant timeless design of traditional steel with increased durability, as well as a more efficient window and door system.

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The Sieger range includes a selection of roof glazing solutions to complement our range of aluminium windows and doors.

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Highly engineered aluminium window and door systems.

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Hedgehog Aluminium Magazine Feature

Hedgehog Aluminium’s Rooflight Feature in Grand Designs

Hedgehog Aluminium were recently featured in the November issue of Grand Designs in the Homes: Renovated Townhouse section. The article is titled ‘Tall Order’ and is focused on a skinny townhouse that has been filled with natural light and luxe textures.

Hedgehog Aluminium were featured in this article as we are able to provide similar rooflights to those installed in the renovated townhouse. The rooflights used in this project are bespoke, frameless rooflights that allow natural light to flow through into the townhouse.

The architect of this project, Tala Mikdashi designed each of the rooflights to be slightly different in shape and size to avoid a uniform look. Hedgehog Aluminium are able to create similar frameless rooflights from £1,440 per sqm including installation.

Our fixed rooflights can be installed in large sizes to fit any space required. We are also able to apply performance coatings such as a Solar Control Coating to help reduce solar gain and overheating whilst still providing the maximum amount of natural light into the space.

Grand Designs Magazine - November 2016 Scan

Contact us to find out more about these bespoke, frameless rooflights. Call us on 01494 722 880 or email us at

Hedgehog Aluminium Magazine Feature Hedgehog Aluminium Magazine Feature