Steel Look Systems

Our range of steel look glazing systems offer the elegant timeless design of traditional steel with increased durability, as well as a more efficient window and door system.

Roof Glazing

The Sieger range includes a selection of roof glazing solutions to complement our range of aluminium windows and doors.

Schuco Systems

Highly engineered aluminium window and door systems.

Front Doors

Our range of high security entrance doors are available in a range of styles to suit the project.

Associated Glazing

To complement our range of aluminium windows and doors we also offer a range of associated glazing products to complete your project.



January to March Magazine Features

Hedgehog Aluminium Systems have recently been featured in the Real Homes and Build It magazines from January to March. These features include some of our favourite projects including Eastington Lane and Beechcroft.

Hedgehog Aluminium Systems have been featured in both Real Homes and Build It over the last couple of months. These features included our Eastington Lane , Beechcroft and Onslow Avenue projects.

Onslow Avenue in Real Homes Magazine

Onslow Avenue was featured in the January issue of Real Homes. This project was featured as part of a “Let there be light” article where a number of bifolding doors and sliding glass door projects were included to show just how they can enhance the natural light intake into your home. Our project was mentioned alongside the Planning Permission information as planning permission was needed for the glass-roofed side and rear extension.

Beechcroft Featured in March's Real Homes Magazine

Hedgehog Aluminium’s Beechcroft project was featured in the March issue of Real Homes in the “Make a statement with featured windows” article due to the wall-to-wall glazing in one of the bedrooms. This glazed wall has a small venting window integrated into it to provide ventilation in warmer weather. The window in this living space includes a large, fixed-frame window and a top-hung venting window above with a smaller fixed frame section. Find out more about our Beechcroft project .

Eastington Lane Project Featured in March's edition of Build it Magazine

Eastington Lane was featured in the March issue of Build It Magazine in an article in the Expert Help section titled, “How to create your perfect side-return extension”. This project, in particular, was featured due to the double-height wraparound extension glazing. The clever specification of a contemporary materials palette, including timber cladding, helps separate the new addition from the original property. Find out more about our Eastington Lane project.

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