Steel Look Systems

Our range of steel look glazing systems offer the elegant timeless design of traditional steel with increased durability, as well as a more efficient window and door system.

Roof Glazing

The Sieger range includes a selection of roof glazing solutions to complement our range of aluminium windows and doors.

Schuco Systems

Highly engineered aluminium window and door systems.

Front Doors

Our range of high security entrance doors are available in a range of styles to suit the project.

Associated Glazing

To complement our range of aluminium windows and doors we also offer a range of associated glazing products to complete your project.



NEW Aluminium Front Doors

Hedgehog Aluminium Systems can now supply aluminium front doors to homeowner, whether it's a new build or to update your home with the latest trends. This range allows our clients to create something completely bespoke to their home with a variety of door finishes and configurations available.

Hedgehog Aluminium Systems can now design and install beautiful aluminium front doors onto all residential properties, perfect for new builds or for homeowners looking for a fresh look.

These doors are manufactured with a Schuco base which is then clad in aluminium, providing the perfect amount of thermal insulation within the home. One of the best features of these aluminium doors is the door handles, which are mounted on the door frame from the start of the process, providing more space for locking and unlocking.

Aluminium is a great material and is very popular among homeowners due to its versatility in design, high durability and low maintenance. You are able to create your desired contemporary design by choosing the handle design, any RAL colour and choice of door configurations with the integration of glazed panels above the door or on either side. With the choice of any RAL colours or Finea/Silvea, which are available with this front door range, mean you can coordinate your windows or overall appearance of your façade.

This design decision can then be taken even further with the choice of sandblasted glass, clear glass or patterned glass integration. Sandblasted glass may be the best choice for ensuring the privacy of your home whilst still allowing natural light to pass through into the home throughout the day.

Although there are a number of options to create the ideal contemporary designed aluminium front door , there are options available to create a more traditional design if this is what you prefer. A more traditional style aluminium door would work perfectly on an older, brickwork home.

Contact Hedgehog Aluminium Systems to find out more about our new aluminium front door range by calling us on 01494 722 822 or email us at .