Passivhaus Award Winners Announced

PassivHaus trust recently chosen the winners for their 2016 awards which have been revealed in ADF Architects Datafiles July issue.

The objective for these awards was to celebrate the amazingly designed and comfortable PassivHaus buildings, no matter the size of the home.

Also, to show that the Passivhaus standard can be applied using any type of system or material and to help raise the profile and encourage more customers to use the PassivHaus standard.

Hedgehog Aluminium Systems have their own PassivHaus range including windows and doors. PassivHaus is a fast growing energy performance standard used globally. Our PassivHaus range helps our customers save more than 90% of their yearly costs in comparison to ordinary buildings. There is also a 75% reduction in space heating requirements.

Passivhaus windows and PassivHaus doors can provide warmth to your home in the winter as well as providing the perfect living in the hotter months.

Passivhaus windows and PassivHaus doors  are all triple glazed and perfectly sealed to prevent draughts in the winter but can be fully opened to allow ventilation in the summer.

All of Hedgehog Aluminium Systems Passivhaus products have been tested to achieve the highest levels of air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation and wind resistance.

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