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Hedgehog Aluminium Systems offer a large range of products and are proud to announce they have recently renewed their SBD after passing a stringent security test. This will allow the public and developers to purchase with full confidence. The logo provides full protection in the quality, design and resilience of the supplied windows and doors.

What is Secured by Design?

Secured by Design (SBD) is the UK official police flagship established in 1989, the initiative was to develop and improve security in buildings through design and properties in construction with the main principle of 'designing out crime'. The key focus point is to prevent crime in residential and commercial properties. Hedgehog Aluminium have undergone a wide range of tests, as well as security, they have been tested for weather protection and tightness, design, functions and durability.

For most, home security is incredibly important and having high security on windows and doors is the first step to keeping your property safe and secure.

Secured by Design

Did you know?

Windows and doors are often the main targets of a burglary as they offer the main point of entry and exit. As a developer and property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your windows and doors are kept secure and protected against these risks.

Hedgehog Aluminium design and manufacture windows and doors with the latest and most secure locking systems available in the market today.

If you would like to find out more about the accredited products that we offer please click on the member's page for Secured by Design .

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What does Secured by Design mean?

In order to be a Secured by Design installation, the window or door has to have PAS:24 testing and be fabricated by a company with a Secured by Design certificate - that's Hedgehog Aluminium.

This certificate not only means that we work with the most reliable and highly engineered windows and doors on the market but that our manufacturing and fabrication techniques have been tested too.

What is PAS 24:2016 and how does this test ensure that my windows and doors are secure?

PAS24:2016 is the base test for any window or door to be Secured by Design. The product itself has to be tested to PAS:24 then the fabricator is certified to Secured by Design standards. PAS:24 is titled is so titled as 'enhanced security performance of the windows and doors in the UK' and is suitable for properties. It is a testing procedure to test windows and doors for their security under a direct attempt at break-in. The test includes the use of small tools like screwdrivers, wire brushes and paint scrapers that are used to simulate an attack on the window or door product. After this, a chisel would be used against the glazing to lever the glass open or attempt to break the glass.

All of the products that Hedgehog Aluminium offer that are certified to PAS24:2016 are now also coveted by the Secured by Design initiative. With fantastic design and resistance to break-in these aluminium windows and doors are the head of their class.

The technology and methods in Secured by Design products are sometimes misunderstood. Developers and architects unknowingly purchase a solution that is not fully certified, to ensure you are fully protected and safe speak to the team at Hedgehog Aluminium who can advise which products carry the SBD badge.

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