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Sieger 30 System Installation

A set of two pane Sieger 30 sliding glass doors were installed onto a home in the Peak District. These doors have a sightline of only 30mm to maximise the natural light intake into the home as well as to avoid obstruction to views of the surrounding areas.

This home in the Peak District recently underwent a renovation which included a two pane Sieger 30 sliding glass door with a sightline of only 30mm.

These sliding glass doors are 3.3m high by 2.6mm wide. The sizing of these doors works perfectly with the home as they allow incredible amounts of natural light into the home as well as providing the ideal amount of space to enjoy the impressive views of the Peak District from inside the home.

The aluminium framing has been powder coated grey to add a contemporary aesthetic to the traditional brick home. Installing the Sieger 30 system has provided easy access to the outdoor area with an easy slide opening without the need for a handle, maintaining the sleek minimal design.

The aluminium framing used on these sliding glass doors has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The thermal break technology within the framing allows the home to stay warm in the winter and cooler in the summer as the temperatures between the inside and outside do not pass through the framing. Having good acoustic insulation is ideal as it ensure that noises from both inside the home and outside of the home will be slightly blurred. Having this noise blur creates a comfortable living area with no disturbances.