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Hedgehog Aluminium have launched their exclusive Sieger Legacy Range which includes a selection of aluminium windows and doors with slim frames and a steel look design.

The Sieger Legacy Range from Hedgehog Aluminium is characterised by its ultra-slim frames of only 58mm as well as a steel look design to the aluminium frames. It is available in both a window and a door system each with the same slim sightlines. By using an aluminium profile it allows you to create bespoke glazing bar designs within each window and door so that designers can choose what they want each opening to look like.

Find out more about the new systems at their technical information pages below:

The Sieger Legacy Window SHW-58

The Sieger Legacy Door SHD-58

The Trend for Steel

Traditional steel windows and doors are gaining in popularity and can be seen to be used in many award-winning architectural designs and schemes of today. However, steel windows and doors can be very expensive, meaning that they are unachievable for many typical residential renovation or extension projects.

Aluminium systems, such as the Sieger Legacy Range, are typically 50% of the cost of a similar steel solution meaning that they are perfect for homeowners or self-builders looking to create this on trend building design on a tighter budget.

“The number of enquiries that we receive for steel windows and doors has doubled in the past year,” explains Chris Walker of specialist metal works IQ Metal. “But in reality only 10% of the people we speak to have the budget for a true steel system. The Sieger Legacy systems from Hedgehog are a great visual recreation of steel and really capture the design and aesthetic of steel framing in an aluminium system.”

Steel Replacement Windows

The Sieger Legacy Range has a special application as the perfect replacement window for traditional buildings. On projects where a steel window design is required, the Sieger Legacy Window can be used to perfectly recreate the appearance of a steel frame in aluminium. This creates a window that is longer lasting, easier to care for, has better insulation and is more cost-effective.

The beauty of the bespoke glazing bar design available with the Sieger Legacy system allows you to tailor the look of the window or door to recreate the exact design you need. With the frame available in any RAL colour or a range of specialist metallic finishes you can even further tailor the steel replacement to suit the original building design.

Industrial Style Patio Doors

Steel look systems are not solely used in heritage or traditional building designs. More home builds, extensions and renovations are looking to incorporate that timeless industrial design into their plans.

The Sieger Legacy Door can easily be used for an industrial patio door design. A Belgium Door design is a typical steel door set. This patio door design includes a double opening door at the centre of the opening flagged by fixed side lights either side. Taller openings can also use fixed over lights above the doors with the same design.

With ultra-slim frames of only 58mm across the vent and frame of each leaf these doors are the slimmest hinged door system available from Hedgehog Aluminium.

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