Sieger 120 Bifold Door

The Sieger 120 Bifold Door offers architects and builders an aluminium bifold door with high levels of performance as well as slim sightlines.

Configurations Available

Opening Types: Outward/inward opening. Left / right folding / bi-parting. Upto 14 sashes

Face Frame Size: 120mm meeting frame 

Maximum Opening Size: 3m tall x 1.2m wide per pane, 120kg per vent

Thermal Performance: Uw values from 1.4 W/m2



Enhanced Security Performance Requirements for Doors and Windows in the UK.



Typical Glass Specification: 4mm toughened outer, 20mm argon filled cavity, 4mm toughened inner with low e coating 

Typical Ug Value: 1.0 W/m2

Glass Options: Low Iron Glass, Low Maintenance Coatings, Solar Control Coatings, Coloured/Decorative Interlayers, Acoustic Interlayer, Anti Reflective Glass 

Glass Thickness: Up to 45mm 



Frame Sightline: 120mm vertical meeting profile 

Frame Depth: 73mm


PPC any RAL Colour

Timber appearance sublimation

Dual Colour Options Available 


Typical Uw Value: 1.4-1.6 W/m2K (note: all Uw values have to be calculated independently for each installation) 

Air Permeability: Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207

Water Tightness: Class 9A in accordance with EN 12208

Resistance to Wind load: Class A3 in accordance with EN 12210

Security Testing: 

PAS 24 tested, Enhanced Security Performance Requirements for Windows and Doors in the UK.


Maximum Sizes

Maximum Height: 3m tall

Maximum Vent Width: 1.2m wide per vent

Maximum Weight: 120kg per vent 



Up to 14 sashes in one opening

Bi-parting configurations possible

Inward or outward opening

Left or right opening

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